The Rooftop Kitchen!

In my time skydiving, I’ve seen some great sights. I’ve also seen some strange ones. The ones I’ve noticed that bug me the most are the times I see rooftop kitchens. They seem like bad ideas, exposed to the wind and rain like that. I keep thinking it must be hard to cook in such places.


As it turns out, they’re not bad ideas. They’re pretty good if you get them built right. Of course, that means going to professionals. A lot of the principles that apply to outdoor kitchens apply here. You can see more about renovations of that sort at the link.


First, think about the placement.


You want to be sure that smoke from things like the grill doesn’t make their way back to the home. If you’re the courteous sort, you don’t want it going to anyone else’s house either. Get an idea of the general pattern of the wind in your area so that you can position things correctly.


Another thing to think about is what you plan to do if you entertain people. Presumably, you are, because why else would you have an outdoor kitchen?


To do this well, you’ll want an outdoor area that has easy access to the interior kitchen. That means massive platters are moving around from one area to the next. You’ll want a good amount of space, so the foot traffic doesn’t bump into each other.


Safety is also a concern. Make sure that the layout of the outdoor kitchen is away from any flammable landscaping, such as plants. It should also be separated from things like walls, to avoid creating a fire hazard.


Kitchen size is bound to your appliances and the space of your rooftop.


If the roof is small, you need to select smaller appliances. Bigger ones would take up too much space and risk being a disruption. The working triangle still applies, so keep that in mind. Finally, if you want to use the roof for other things, then that’s one more thing to keep in mind.


Obviously, you don’t want to place a rooftop kitchen on an area of the roof that might not be able to support its weight or the expected foot traffic.


Storage is important. You’ll want a place for it.


Finally, pick materials and appliances that can take a lot of punishment. Rooftop kitchens are exposed to the sun, the weather, and the occasional mishap from a skydiver.

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