How important is the breakfast?

The importance of food to the body cannot be over emphasized. Food definitely, is of tremendous good to our health.

Good feeding will imply good growth and a healthy body, and on the other hand poor feeding will produce poor body growth.

In our basic educational classes i.e. in the primary school, we were advised to always take a balanced diet. A balanced diet will mean a food that contains the various classes of food in adequate proportion.

The breakfast, as coined out by the American is simply breaking your fasting. The question now should be;

Which fasting?

Well, the breakfast is always taken in the morning. It is believed that we fast overnight while sleeping, since fasting means staying without food. And of course, that’s some fasting! Some 5-8 hours of sleep is quite some time away from food.

Of all the benefits of taking breakfast, it is believed that the 5-8 hours’ food drought should not be added to again after waking up from sleep. The body is not stone and hence, needs food.

Also, for people who work or for students, we know that our places of work and our schools respectively, are oftentimes tasking and breadth taking. A refusal to take some food in in the morning before heading for work will be of hazardous effects. It will, with time cause Ulcer.

No matter how small or minute in size, at the least, take something so as to be able to have some strength for the day’s activities is germane.

Aside providing us with energy, breakfast foods, as we know are mostly carbohydrates, are good sources of vital nutrients such as calcium, iron & B vitamins and even sometimes, protein and fiber.

The body really needs these essential nutrients and research has it that if these are missed at breakfast, they are least likely to be reimbursed for later in the day. Hence, we say while lunch or the dinner can be skipped for some reasons best known to us, breakfast should NEVER be skipped.


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